Welcome to Your New Home

Work with a custom homebuilder for a space you'll love

Finding exactly the right house is not easy. You probably have a list of needs and wants that are important to your family. You shouldn't have to compromise on them, either. At LionHead Real Estate Designs, our goal is to build a home to suit every client. Simply bring your ideas to the design table, and we'll help you turn them into a real home.

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Our crew will help you find your forever home

At LionHead Real Estate Designs, we use every resource available to us to create a home you'll love. We'll factor in your budget, the size of your family and how you plan to use each room in your new house. Ask yourself these questions to better organize the design process:

  • How will your home sit on the land?
  • Which direction should your living spaces face for the best light?
  • Do you want an open or closed floor plan?
  • Does each member of your family have the space they need?
  • What appliances and fixtures do you want to install?
  • What size electrical panel do you need to accommodate any in-home technology?
  • What is your budget and where will you compromise to stick to it?
By planning and sticking to the decisions you make about your wants, needs and finances, you'll be in a new home very soon. Contact LionHead Real Estate Designs to discuss your homebuying plans today.

Start construction on your home right away

Once you've completed the design process, the building crew at LionHead Real Estate Designs will get to work. We'll follow your plans to the letter from the day we break ground until the last accent is added. Whether you design a cozy bungalow or a sprawling ranch, our team is ready to turn your new home into reality.

Make an appointment with our homebuilding team as soon as possible.